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Universal Unroot

Universal Unroot will Unroot ANY Android powered device that is already Rooted and has a form a Superuser installed.

Simply hit the 'UNROOT' button and allow Root Access when asked to give it permission. The device will then reboot and you will be completely Unrooted when you boot back up.

This is a great app for those who are trying to complete a warranty return with a carrier for a defective device hardware or a repair. If you only want to temporarily lose Root Access, this app is not for you. Running this an Unrooting is permanently and cannot be undone with this app. Only use this if you truly want to lose Root Access.

If this does not Unroot a single device, e-mail me to get support added for your device and the cost of the app refunded to you if you did not do so in the 15 minute window provided by Google Play. Don't rate badly if it doesn't work for you, refund and e-mail :)

Support for x86, ARM, and MIPS devices.
Support for ChainsDD Superuser, Chainfire SuperSu, and Koush Superuser.

Thanks Tomsgt123 for the YouTube video review.

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OTA Snatcher [ROOT APP]

OTA Snatcher is a root application for all Android devices.

What does it do?

This uses root access to "Snatch" a copy of your device's OTA Update .ZIP file to your device's storage so you can upload it for others to use, or have a backup copy for yourself. (Remember, sharing is caring.)

How can I tell it worked?

Use a File Manager or Computer to view your device's storage. Inside the /OTA/ folder on your storage you should find your OTA Update .ZIP file. The name depends on your device's OEM and other factors.

This is compatible with all rooted Android devices that use the /cache/ updating system. If your device is unique and does not support the /cache/ updating system, you can compile your own copy, or notify me of the device and I will try to add in support from my end.

This app is Open Source! You can compile it yourself from the github below.

Init.d Installer [ROOT APP]

Init.d Installer is a root application for most Android devices.

What does it do?

It installs the proper files to make init.d scripts in the /system/etc/init.d/ folder run on boot for the device it is installed on. It also has an option to uninstall these files in case the user does not want them anymore.

How can I tell it worked?

Use a Root Explorer-type application and check your ~/system/etc/ for the /init.d/ folder. If it's there, it worked! You can push .sh scripts to that directory and your phone or tablet will run that script on boot from then on, assuming you set the permissions on that script as executable.

What devices will it not work on?

It would be very hard to list every single device and near impossible to test them all. However, this will 100% not work on Intel-based smartphones such as the Motorola RAZR i and the Orange San Diego. This functionality may be added in the future.

This app is Open Source! You can compile it yourself from the github below.

Special Cables & Adapters

  • If you run into BATTERY LOW errors on RSD Lite or a Utility you will need a cable like this one from:
  • Team Black Hat